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Shelley Carter Schofield
Shelley Carter Schofield
Fort Saskatchewan Elementary Fort Saskatchewan Elementary
Fort Saskatchewan, AB Fort Saskatchewan, AB

When I was a child, I LOVED to read. I remember learning to read in primary school with the Mr. Mugs book series. Once I mastered the basics, there was no stopping me. I plowed through those Mr. Mugs books so I could move on to chapter books – what a feeling of independence to be able to read anything I wanted! I loved getting Scholastic book order forms and decades later I still have some of those books; they are so precious it is hard for me to part with them. I would save my allowance to buy new books. I was a regular patron of both our school library and our public library. I would help our school librarian re-shelve books during recess. In the summer, I would take my book to woods behind our house so I could read in peace, far enough away that I wouldn’t be called in to do chores. Reading opened up the world.
A library gives everyone the opportunity to find something of interest to them. I am supporting our school so that FSE students will have the chance to enjoy books as much as I did as a child. The ability to read in conjunction with access to books and libraries allow children to open the doors to a magical world of stories and information. Let’s keep building our library one book at a time and share the love of reading!


315th Alberta

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