Why is reading important to you?
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Reading is extremely important to me because it is a skill we use every day. Books are the gateway to a world of imagination and exposing oneself to grammar and new vocabulary. We are very fortunate to live in a country where we have an abundance of books for children and adults. There are many countries where people do not have the possibility of owning a book, or be able to attend a school to learn to read. In Canada we have the resources available to make reading possible for everyone. Let's share these resources so every child can have a book and can be exposed to reading.
Recently over the past few years Cashmere Ave P.S. has had an intake of Syrian Refugees. I have had the pleasure and honor of working with some of these students for a few years and to see how much they have improved in oral communication, writing and reading is unbelievable. The drive and the will these students have to want to learn melts my heart. These students see the value in learning to speak, to read, and to write and they realize how important it is.
I have worked with students with reading and writing difficulties as well. Working every day on reading and writing strategies from September to June, these students overcame difficulties and made leaps and bounds throughout the year. These students' whole attitude and outlook towards reading and writing changed once they saw it was possible and they didn't feel defeated.
I choose to support reading and Cashmere Avenue P.S. because I believe reading is so important, and because I believe every child deserves to have a book to own.


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