Who helped you fall in love with reading and how?
Marion Bennett
Marion Bennett
Mornington Central Mornington Central
Newton, ON Newton, ON

When I was a young child my mom would read Golden books to me. One of my favourite books was a pattern book called "Mr. Pine's Purple House" and I would ask my mom to read that book over and over to me. I had a special reading teacher in primary school named Mrs. Brown who helped a small group of children with our reading skills including myself. I believe that reading did not come easily for me at first and when I began to read fluently Mrs. Brown called my mom to tell her the good news about my reading skill improvement which greatly relieved my mother. Reading became a joy and I looked forward to the book club orders that our teacher gave us each month. I liked reading Nancy Drew and Hardy Boy Mysteries and Judy Bloom books like "How to Eat Fried Worms." My parents would find me with a flashlight reading my book after it was past my bedtime. I still enjoy reading a good Mystery book! I also enjoy reading Robert Munsch stories to my grade 3/4 class since the students enjoy his stories and are always excited to read these stories.
My parents and a caring reading specialist teacher helped instill a love of reading in my life and I am grateful as it opened up a whole world of information, entertainment, and enjoyment that continues to bless my life!


144th Ontario

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