Who helped you fall in love with reading and how?
Katie Sarah
Katie Sarah
St Pius X Catholic School St Pius X Catholic School
London, ON London, ON

Growing up I wasn't the best reader. I read at home with my parents, but when it came to reading at school to the teacher or reading out loud to the entire class, I was absolutely frightened. I always tried to hide or not make eye contact with the teacher, so that I wouldn't get called upon to read. Serveral of my teachers noticed this and made sure to take time to help me gain the confidence I needed to read. They also helped me fall in love with reading by introducing me to books that truly interested me, such as mystery books, social justice, and/or books that were made into movies.

I have taken what I learned about reading from my teachers and the journey that I had to go through with reading into my own classroom, so that I can inspire my students to have a love for reading too.


1128th Ontario

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