Why is reading important to you?
Kim Kondo
Kim Kondo
Brock Public School Brock Public School
Toronto, ON Toronto, ON

Reading lets kids enter countless worlds that are both familiar and completely new. Some books show kids they are not alone while others teach them about empathy through understanding different characters and their lives. Brock's library is important because it encourages kids to read and to learn. It also encourages CHOICE. Kids need to be able to choose books that they want to read, no matter the topic, in order to become lifelong readers. Here are two students who have benefited from reading books that they love:
Leslie, grade 5: Reading is important to me because it's just fun reading fantastic stories. The library has different types of books like fiction, non-fiction, series, graphic novels, and picture books.
Amy, grade 4: Reading is important to me because reading is fun and books help you get smart. Some chapter books have no pictures so you can use your imagination. I can imagine what colour the pictures can be. My favourite book is Diary of a Wimpy Kid. That's why books are important to me.


1110th Ontario

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