Who helped you fall in love with reading and how?
Karlo Cabrera
Karlo Cabrera
HA Halbert Jr PS HA Halbert Jr PS
Scarborough, ON Scarborough, ON

I want to begin this year's campaign by honouring my first teacher, my mother, Karen Cabrera. She was a Grade 1 teacher in Manila, Philippines. My mother taught me how to read and how to write. My earliest memory of reading was with my Mom and Dad. The very first story I can remember reading was about Noah and the great flood. The next sets of stories I remember reading with my mom were the Berenstain Bear series.

My house was never full of books as they were expensive in Manila. But when a book was purchased it was read over and over again.

In my adult years I find myself longing for the summer when I can it and read. I remember reading one of Dan Brown's book in two days. When a narrative takes over the imagination I just can't put the book down.

I know you are supposed to read the book first before viewing a movie. But I love watching the movie and the reading the book afterwards. I plow through them quickly.

My parents modeled for me the great love of reading and I wanted to honour them in this way because they rock!


155th Ontario

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