Who helped you fall in love with reading and how?
Kim Torto
Kim Torto
Bishop David Motiuk Bishop David Motiuk
Edmonton, AB Edmonton, AB

My parents instilled reading in my life from a young age. My family didn't have a lot growing up. Money was scarce, but my mom and dad did everything to ensure they made our childhood as happy as possible. Constant bus trips to the library was a big part of that happiness.

My dad read to us every night! He was so animated in his reading. Arms flailing about, the different character voices he did, we begged for him to keep reading! The places he took us with every story read, we would just lay in bed after,smiling, wondering what came next.

Then there was my mom. She loved to listen. She was the opposite of my dad! I was 4 when my mom decided to teach me to read. Everyday, I had to read a chapter out of the "little house on the prairie" book. It was not a very engaging book for a four year old to read (evidently, it was for my moms benefit), I was motivated to learn quickly, so the chapters didn't take as long to get through. Before kindergarten, I had read the whole book to her. That is when our library adventures started.

My mom, after every stack of books read, would pack all 3 of us girls onto a bus and we would go to the library. She took us to all the libraries in the city! We would stay and search for what seemed like hours for the best books. When it was time to go, my mom would say "ok girls! Only 5 books each!" Oh the decisions! We had to pick "mom" books that we enjoyed reading aloud and "dad" books that we knew HAD to be read by him. She could see the struggle..."we will always come back girls". And we did. We always came back.

I grew up loving the different adventures the books took me on. Getting lost in them, not wanting to put them down. They were entertaining, and sometimes an escape from "life". Books feel like they stop time. As I reflect back through the years and all the books, I can see why my parents enjoyed them differently. My mom loved to listen because, like us girls, she enjoyed being taken to another world. My dad loved to read out loud to us, because he could see the effects His reading had on us, the joy it brought us. He told me it made his heart swell.

Now, I get to read to my girls. Like my parents, I too will read to them as animatedly as possible, and they too will read to me (book of their choice though) and take me away on one of their journeys! From this, I can only hope they love the different teachings and experiences each book gives them as much as I did and still do.


14th Alberta

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