Who helped you fall in love with reading and how?
Morgan Milne
Morgan Milne
Ecole Dickinsfield Junior High School Ecole Dickinsfield Junior High School
Edmonton, AB Edmonton, AB

My mom is the person who fostered my love for reading. The love I feel for reading came from her love for reading. In the evenings, after dinner, my mom and I would always curl up on the couch and read together.

Once a month my mom would take all us kids to the library and we got to pick as many books as our age. So when I was 10 I was allowed to pick up 10 books! It was always sooo exciting, because I was the youngest so every year I got more than the year before. I never caught up to my siblings but it always made me so excited to get one more book!
Today, I still love going to the library and I still always read before going to bed!


118th Alberta

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