Who helped you fall in love with reading and how?
Jessica Dinovitzer
Jessica Dinovitzer
Blossom Park Public School Blossom Park Public School
Gloucester, ON Gloucester, ON

My mother, Cori Dinovitzer (also known as Ms. D at Blossom Park Public School) adopted me when I was seven years old. I could hardly speak English very well and couldn’t read any word but my name. My mother taught me how to read after she read me my first novel; Charlotte’s Web. I fell in love with reading so much that the following year I was in the newspaper for reading an exerpt from Charlotte’s Web for the opening of the new library in Greenboro Community Center. I read The Diary of Anne Frank for the first time (I’ve read it at least six times) when I was eight years old. You couldn’t get my nose out of a book! I have read entire series of books, some of which were: Harry Potter, Twilight Saga, Lord of the Rings Trilogy, The Hobbit, Nancy Drew, The Hardy Boys, and The Hunger Games. I still love reading to this day, so much so that I have read to my son since the day I found out I was pregnant. My son is one month away from turning three, and I can hardly wait until he is old enough to read Charlotte’s Web with me. In fact, I will be reading with him the very copy of Charlotte’s Web that my mother read to me.

Without Cori Dinovitzer introducing me to reading, I don’t think I would have ever loved reading. Thank you Mommy, you really are the best teacher I ever had!


1075th Ontario

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