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Gloria Wolff
Gloria Wolff
Graminia School Graminia School
Spruce Grove, AB Spruce Grove, AB

Graminia School is a rural K-9 school west of Edmonton. Our school library is one of the main features of our school where students can find books and read, engage in centres, expand their knowledge of the world and collaborate with others to create amazing projects. Our library, or Learning Commons, welcomes everyone and allows students to develop their inner "Superhero". Compared to other schools, Graminia School may be considered rather small, but we are mighty and the students who are in the care of the teachers and staff know they are cared for and important. We have a lot of amazing characteristics that make this school uniquely special. Teachers and staff are committed to the highest standards of excellence and our fabulous librarian is no exception. She is determined to make our school library the best it can possibly be. We are indeed, fortunate to be where we are and we are continually improving and changing to meet the needs of students and our community. Vive Graminia!


112th Alberta

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