Why is reading important to you?
Marlene Breda
Marlene Breda
Stella Maris Stella Maris
Toronto, ON Toronto, ON

I have always had my nose in a book for as long as I can remember. By grade three, I was reading chapter books such as White Fang and Black Beauty. I have two daughters at Stella Maris, and I want them to be able to have access to a school library like I did. I remember my library in elementary school being filled with books, row upon row. Opening the doors to the library was one of my favourite things, being hit with the smell of books and the librarian’s coffee let me know that I would soon be finding a new book, a new story to get lost in. I want my daughters to feel that feeling, not only them, but every child at this school. Cracking open a book and diving in to a new story is one of the best feelings, reading is so important. It transports you to different worlds, you learn new things, you meet new people in the characters. Every time I walk by the library at Stella Maris and see how empty the shelves are, it makes me sad to think that the kids do not have access to books like I did when I was in school. I want my daughters and all the children at Stella Maris to be able to walk in to the library and be overwhelmed by all the shelves filled with books. I want them to be excited to walk in and know that they have new books to choose from, that when they finish reading their book they will find a new one. The library deserves to have new life breathed in to it. I am proud to support Stella Maris and it’s library.


117th Ontario

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