What are the three books every school library should have and why?
Jacquie Raycraft
Jacquie Raycraft
Portage View School Portage View School
Barrie, ON Barrie, ON

This is my favourite story to tell as each year my favouritie three books change :)
This year my favourite book for Primary students is "Beautiful Oops!" written by Barney Saltzberg. This is a book filled with mistakes that turn into opportunities- a great book to teach children about growth mindset.
My favourite book for Junior students this year is the book I am sharing this week in preparation for Orange Shirt Day. The book is called "I Am Not a Number". This book is written by Jenny Kay Dupuis and Kathy Kacer and tells the story of a young First Nations girl who is sent to a residential school. Heartbreaking but such an important part of our history and reconciliation.
My third favourite is a book for Intermediate students called "Hawk" and is written by Jennifer Dance. This is a story about a First Nations teen. The story explores real life issues faced by Indigenous communities in Canada.
Thank you for providing me with this opportunity to share my love of reading with you.


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