What are the three books every school library should have and why?
East Ridge Community School East Ridge Community School
Owen Sound, ON Owen Sound, ON

First, it is almost impossible to choose just three! First, "Charlotte's web" is definitely one of the most loved and timeless children's stories. Who doesn't love a story about friendship, ingenuity, triumph over challenge and ultimately, love. Also, I feel that the much loved Harry Potter series is a must for Elementary School shelves. It is a classic of our time, also about friendship, ingenuity, triumph over challenge, and a wee bit of love too! Finally, no school library would be complete without a book about the power of people over adversity, "I am Malala" is one that comes to mind for its message and ability to bring out the best in people, even in the most dire of circumstances. A school library should be a place of power - the power to read, love and change the world for the better, and these three book suggestions cover them all.


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