Why is reading important to you?
Jill McKenzie
Jill McKenzie
Hillmond Central School Hillmond Central School
Lloydminster, SK Lloydminster, SK

Reading is important to me because when you see a child learn to read, their pride and confidence is palpable. Not every child will learn to read easily and it doesn't come naturally to everyone. However, the experience of escaping into an adventure or learning about people and places is one that I wish for every child and adult. It is never too late to become interested in reading. In a digital age where we all spend more time in front of screens, it's important to remember the calming effect of sitting down with a book to unwind. Reading instills confidence. It builds knowledge. It restores, rejuvenates and can build understanding between different generations, cultures and ideologies. Literacy and taking time for books is as important today as it has ever been!


73rd Saskatchewan

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