Why is reading important to you?
Michelle Pereira
Michelle Pereira
Holy Rosary Catholic School Holy Rosary Catholic School
Toronto, ON Toronto, ON

I have always had a love/hate relationship with reading.... I remember arriving in Canada and not knowing one word of English, cringing at the thought that I would have to not only learn to speak a new language but also have to learn out to read and write it. This was so to terrifying to a seven year old, entering grade 3, who did not have any support at home to help me with the annunciation of new foreign words. I remember the nervousness that I had every time we had 'English' in our classroom. I did not have those same feeling for 'Math'; its a universal language. I would be escorted to the 'Special Class', otherwise known as 'ESL'. It was in 'ESL' where I was taught how to read and write. It was in 'ESL' that I had access to different books that were tailored to my reading level. It was in 'ESL' that I learned to love reading and quickly learn to not only enunciate words but also use it in sentences and understand the meaning of them. Had I not been given the appropriate tools, I could have easily fallen through the cracks. It was the dedication of the teachers along with reading that allowed me to quickly integrate into provincial standards. This is why reading is important to me...


104th Ontario

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