Which children’s book had the biggest impact on your life and why?
Laura Buechler
Laura Buechler
Park Avenue Community (Elementary) School Park Avenue Community (Elementary) School
Nanaimo, BC Nanaimo, BC

I remember reading The Diary of Anne Frank at age 11. It was such an eye-opening experience to understand that not every childhood was like mine, and that children my own age could have to face such awful circumstances. From that time on I viewed the world differently. I am grateful that I live in a safe place and I try to never take this for granted. I'm also grateful that Anne, at such a young age, thought to write down her thoughts and experiences so that generations could understand what millions of people went through in the Second World War. I've re-read the book several times throughout my life and will continue to do so - we must never forget the lessons it teaches about tolerance, humanity, and grace.


265th British Columbia

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