Why is reading important to you?
Crystal Bourgoin
Crystal Bourgoin
Keswick Valley Memorial School Keswick Valley Memorial School
Burtts Corner, NB Burtts Corner, NB

The Book Warrior:

Reading is a journey and destination because it opens up doors to imagination and opportunity. Reading a variety of books gives opportunity to connect and share with others.

When I was a little girl I would escape into new adventures with, "Chose your own adventure series." These books always gave me a choice and I chose the destination. Books helped me train to become better through hearing the voice of fiction and non fiction characters.

I was a little warrior girl playing all kinds of sports and running outside all day but when it was time to settle...books helped me do it! I could still be a warrior girl and pretend I was the character. I could read how to run faster and become a better at karate. The sky was the limit and books always gave hope.

I love reading and reading helped me to continue to be a warrior by continuing on new kinds of journeys. I have 2 girls who are book warriors. They read about horses and science experiments and spooky stories like Goosebumps!

Find your own book warrior story because we all have one to share!


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