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Angelika Taylor
Angelika Taylor
Parkside Centennial Elementary Parkside Centennial Elementary
Aldergrove, BC Aldergrove, BC

I am the teacher librarian at Parkside. Parkside Centennial Elementary has a diverse community of learners. There are nearly 500 kindergarten to grade 5 students currently.
Unfortunately, Parkside Library Learning Commons has not had a librarian for many years and has operated on a modest budget, as a result the library collection reflects this. I look forward to the opportunity and challenge of creating an inviting library space and improving our collection of books and resources. Parkside library needs new and inspiring books and resources in order for our students to be successful and feel inspired to learn. Parkside students deserve and need the chance to have enjoyable, modern, diverse and equitable books and resources in their library. Having new books would help to revitalize the library space. Please support our school library.


80th British Columbia

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