Who helped you fall in love with reading and how?
Meghna Haldar
Meghna Haldar
Sherwood Park Elementary School Sherwood Park Elementary School
North Vancouver, BC North Vancouver, BC

I grew up in a family of readers. Reading is what we did - on Sunday mornings, after school, as we went to bed, on holidays, to each other. My mother and grandmother were almost never without a book by their bedside, within easy reach. My Grandma, or Dida as we all called her, as she got older slowly lost her ability to smell, hear and for a brief time, her voice-box. She couldn't walk very far and the world receded from her. What kept her going - other than the company of children - was reading. They brought the world to her fingertips. So it was the matriarchs in my family who showed us the worlds contained within books, and how even when life seemed difficult, there was always something one could do to survive - read!


21st British Columbia

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