Why is reading important to you?
Laura Wilson
Laura Wilson
Sherwood Park Elementary School Sherwood Park Elementary School
North Vancouver, BC North Vancouver, BC

Why is reading important to me? I love reading because it allows me to travel on the cheap! Living and working in a very expensive city, books allow me to escape and go wherever I want. I try to cultivate a love of reading in my students so they will also have this unbelievable travel deal of a lifetime.

I read for the emotional experience too. I will never forget being terrified when I read Cujo by Stephen King. Or the love between Edward and Bella in the Twilight books (I know, embarrassing but I'm being honest to win a book here) brought me back into reading after being in a readless drought for a couple of sad, sad, lonely travel-free years.

In short, reading is fun. Buy a book.


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