Why are you supporting this school?
Jennifer Barratt
Jennifer Barratt
Brock Public School Brock Public School
Toronto, ON Toronto, ON

A major reason we're supporting Brock in the Adopt a School program is our teacher-librarian extraordinaire, Ms. Kondo.

Ms. Kondo inspires the students at Brock to love reading everyday. She has excellent book knowledge, tells wonderful stories and rhymes, and empowers children to choose the right books for themselves at the right time.

Since 2011, Ms. Kondo has encouraged full school participation in the Forest of Reading Program. Last year she supported five students to present at the Festival of Trees. Each year, Ms. Kondo arranges in-person and virtual author visits and helps to organize the Just Read It Campaign and K-5 Spring Into Reading Day. For years, Ms. Kondo has been doing her best with torn, outdated materials- and supplementing the library collection with books she buys herself.

Ms. Kondo, the families of Brock are so thankful for all you do! Thank you for sharing your love of reading with our lucky school community!


246th Ontario

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