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Margaret Wells
Margaret Wells
Brock Public School Brock Public School
Toronto, ON Toronto, ON

My granddaughter has attended Brock Public School since she was in kindergarten; she is now in grade seven. She has had many amazing teachers but her grade five/six teacher, Ms. Givelos really stands out. In Ms Givelos' class, my granddaughter's love of fantasy novels was nurtured but she was also introduced to many other types of novels, including novels dealing with the Holocaust. As an educator myself , I have been very focused on the importance of young people learning about genocides, including the Holocaust, in order to support them in thinking about how to be active citizens who work to support democracy today. I was very impressed by how the study of Holocaust novels supported the young people in this class to consider how to be better people. This was particularly seen in how they were involved in specific projects around the Me to We movement and also how to create schools that were better at supporting young people grappling with mental health issues. In this class, literature not only engaged these young students but also created connections to their lives in the larger world.


209th Ontario

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