Who helped you fall in love with reading and how?
Mamata Madhava
Mamata Madhava
Cashmere Avenue PS Cashmere Avenue PS
Mississauga, ON Mississauga, ON

Curious George made me fall in love with reading! As his name suggests, he innocently got into everything most children wanted to get into, while making numerous honest mistakes along the way. Whether turning into a hero at the new toy store opening (after causing a mess), or becoming the unexpected star of the circus (after interfering with the show), all of George's serendipitous adventures, kept me coming back for more! As a parent, many may say George never used to get punished, but I can still appreciate how George and the Man with the Yellow Hat usually focus on 'righting a wrong', and fixing a situation, after the fact.
I enjoy re-reading George's adventures to my son, as much as I enjoyed the stories myself, as a child.


61st Ontario

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