What are the three books every school library should have and why?
Mamata Madhava
Mamata Madhava
Cashmere Avenue PS Cashmere Avenue PS
Mississauga, ON Mississauga, ON

It's so hard to pick just 3 books , so I am going to have to cheat a little to answer this, and talk about 3 series every library should have:
1) Amelia Bedelia: the adventures (and comedies of errors that ensue thereafter), of Amelia can be enjoyed at any age. Even as an adult, I can appreciate the literalism (of 'drawing' the curtains or 'changing' the towels), but I also think the clever use of homonyms can be a humorous lesson in English at the elementary school level.
2) Chronicles of Narnia - It's just so imaginitive, and the children are the heroes -- it's inspiring.
3) Tales of Fourth Grade nothing - lessons in family, love and friends


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