Who helped you fall in love with reading and how?
Kathryn Price
Kathryn Price
Centennial-Grand Woodlands School Centennial-Grand Woodlands School
Brantford, ON Brantford, ON

My mother, without a doubt, is the one who ensured both my sister and I loved reading by modelling and exposing us to many, many books. Not a birthday or Christmas went by without us receiving books from her, and it was often (and still is) her gift of choice for everyone! Even if they don’t read very often, she will find something they can still enjoy from a genre that suited them. She, herself, often has two or three books on the go at all times (one for each floor of her house), and doesn’t go anywhere without one! She definitely keeps the bookstores in business. While I am not quite as avid a reader as she is, she definitely modelled ‘how’ to love books! Thanks mom!


111th Ontario

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