Why is reading important to you?
Margaret E Bird
Margaret E Bird
Cloverdale Traditional School Cloverdale Traditional School
Victoria, BC Victoria, BC

There are many reasons why reading is important to me. Mostly I love it because throughout my life it has taken me to places beyond my experiences, helped me to view the world from various perspectives and instructed me in topics that I am drawn to. Also, some of my fondest childhood memories include snuggling up with my mom and sisters as we heard about the adventures of Winnie the Pooh. As a mother, those parent-child reading time memories are even more dear.

It started with board books and grew to SO MUCH more. My son and I would spend hours at a time curled up reading things like: The Magic Tree House, Ramona the Pest, Ivy and Bean, Secrets of Droon, Rick Riordan series and The Chronicles of Narnia. My favourite was Harry Potter - we often talked about the plot and we both couldn't wait to find out what was going to happen next. It's fun too, to watch the movies afterwards. I would feel sad when I heard that friends of mine had out-grown reading to their kids while we were still enjoying it so much. Now, I am a bit sad that I have stopped (my son is 14) as I know a few friends with kids the same age who still do. So grateful though that we enjoyed so much reading together!

Reading aloud to your child is one of life's greatest pleasures! Do it - lots - and as long as you can!


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