Which children’s book had the biggest impact on your life and why?
Kimberly Hamill
Kimberly Hamill
Herald School Herald School
Medicine Hat, AB Medicine Hat, AB

I can still remember sitting on the floor of my elementary school library as Robert Munch entertained us with his story, "Paper Bag Princess". It was such a privilege to have him tell his stories to us. I'll always remember his love of story telling and his overall enthusiasm. Looking back I know that moment was pivotal for me. I discovered a key that unlocked my imagination.

Currently I am a librarian at Herald School. Every day that I am able to welcome our students into the library is a blessing. I love capturing their attention, telling them stories, and helping them unlock their imagination. I hope I exude the love and enthusiasm I saw so many years ago. It's truly wonderful to see them engaged and interested in reading. I cherish the times when I get to talk to them about what their reading. Occasionally I catch a glimpse of that magical look in their eyes when they tell me all about their current book.

In a few short years we've transformed our space. Once a classroom, now a busy learning commons with more books, comfortable seating, and even a maker space. However, funds and supplies are very limited. A good portion of our books have come from donations as well as grants and fundraisers. I hope Indigo's love of reading campaign will help us build our library. New books in our library would mean so many new places to explore, characters to meet, and stories to tell!


32nd Alberta

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