Why is reading important to you?
Mari-Tricia Brooks
Mari-Tricia Brooks
St. Teresa of Calcutta St. Teresa of Calcutta
Windsor, ON Windsor, ON

I’ve been reading as long as I can remember. Each Tuesday night my sister and I would walk to the bookmobile and take out 5-6 books for the week. Walking up the steps was like entering a new world. I looked forward to being greeted by the woman at the counter as I returned my books, then made my way to the shelf, inhaling the scent of the books, pouring over the different jackets, and grabbing a new pile for the upcoming week. I proudly passed over my library card as I checked out my books and called out, “see you next Tuesday”as I ran home ready to start on my new books. Reading became an escape for me. I could travel to P.E.I with Anne Shirley and imagine living at Green Gables. I could travel to New Jersey with Judy Blume’s Margaret who came of age in the pages I read. That bookmobile became my sanctuary. It started my love of books and I’m happy to say that it hasn’t changed over the years. I still get excited as I crack open a novel, eager to meet new characters that will take me on new adventures. I was so blessed to have a mother that encouraged reading and I think every child should be given the opportunity to fall in love with a great book.


857th Ontario

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