Why is reading important to you?
Heather Matchett
Heather Matchett
Airport Elementary Airport Elementary
Lazo (Comox), BC Lazo (Comox), BC

I remember from a young age, reading books with my parents. My dad would always cuddle me and read me paddington bear. And another favourite was Charlotte's Web. This has been a well liked book with my daughter too 💖
Reading is important to me because as an adult, we get busy. So busy. I never understood that as a kid but I do now. Reading gives us a chance to sit down and gice our kids 100% of our attention with hopefully bo distractions. And that in turn, sets them up for reading on their own confidentally. That is definitely a fond childhood memory of mine (reading with my parents). As much of a pain as it can be for me as I skip words, and sometimes lines, I still enjoyed reading growing up. Plus, it gives our minds a break from screens, stresses, and reality; for however long we choose. 💖 and as I've seen with my own kids reading to each other, it gives them an extra chance to connect with each other 😊


68th British Columbia

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