Who helped you fall in love with reading and how?
Michelle Irving-Uytterhagen
Michelle Irving-Uytterhagen
Fultonvale Elementary Junior High School Fultonvale Elementary Junior High School
Sherwood Park, AB Sherwood Park, AB

My grandmother, who taught grade 1 for 30 years, always said reading is the most important skill to teach in grade 1. She used to tell me that she would make it her goal to have all of her kids in grade 1 reading and most would be reading at a grade 3 level when they left her class. She inspired me to pass on that passion for reading to my kids, and I see it. My daughter, who is in grade 2, loves reading to her brother and just came home beaming about how she got to read to kindergartens. My son, who is in kindergarten, is already starting to read and is proud of himself when he finishes a Dick and Jane story. The passion for reading is infectious and all kids should be given the opportunity to read - it helps create and expand imagination, it expands our knowledge, boosts confidence and changes who we are. I owe my love of reading to her and it such a honor to be able to pass that love and passion onto my children.


260th Alberta

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