Which children’s book had the biggest impact on your life and why?
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Growing up, I spent a lot of time sitting on my Granny's lap listening to stories or lying in bed listening to my Mom read to me. But the ones that had the spine torn with the pages taped back in, were mostly from my Berenstain Bears collection.

I had them all. Every time we walked by the book store, I had to run in and check if there was a new one. Visit the Dentist, Go to School, In the Dark, Go Out for The Team, The In-Crowd, (the list goes on and on!) they all had a moral to the story.

I think these books had the biggest impact on me for a couple of reasons.
One, the time I spent with my loved one reading, I'll always remember. Coming together and sharing a story gives everyone a new perspective on things, with that, relationships grow and time is precious.
Two, I believe every family can relate to The Bearenstain Bears. They always seem to overcome their troubles.
Now grown up, I read The Berenstain Bears with my own children and gain that new perspective and show them different ideas how they can overcome any troubles they may have.

To me, The Berenstain Bears are a real classic... and I still check the book store regularly for a new title.


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