Why is reading important to you?
Bessy Morgan
Bessy Morgan
J.R. Wilcox Community School J.R. Wilcox Community School
Toronto, ON Toronto, ON

When I was around 12 years old I remember coming home from school one day and looking for my mother. I found her tucked in bed reading my teen library book. This wouldn't have been odd for most but this was my mother, a Polish immigrant, a woman who spoke 4 other languages fluently but at the time English was not one of them, yet. This is a woman who hard boiled eggs and put them in the fridge marked "kok' so we would know they were hard boiled. Since that ground breaking year my mom's English improved and she has never stopped reading novels in English. I have always loved reading and am so happy my mom shares and enjoys the same books I love.


234th Ontario

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