Why are you supporting this school?
Zende Napenas
Zende Napenas
St. Agnes St. Agnes
Brampton, ON Brampton, ON

I am supporting this school because my children who are in Grade 7 and Grade 1 are students of St Agnes, and my 3 yr old daughter be startting her JK next year in this school too. I want my children to have an easy access of variety of reading materials that they need in school. By supporting this school or donating a book/s, it would mean that my children will get to enjoy and read newer books. They will have more options (of books) to choose from.
My husband and I encourages reading in our home. Thankfully, all my children love reading.
I believe that reading helps children increase their writing and verbal skills, it helps expand their knowledge/vocabulary and memory improvement.
So I will try my very best to give my support for this school, especially if a lot of students will benefit from it.


249th Ontario

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