Who helped you fall in love with reading and how?
Monika Gruen Hamilton
Monika Gruen Hamilton
Fultonvale Elementary Junior High School Fultonvale Elementary Junior High School
Sherwood Park, AB Sherwood Park, AB

My mom and dad introduced me to books and shared their love of reading with me. My mom read to me (in German) and my dad introduced me to the wonderful world of reference books on wildlife, plants, nature and many other wonders found on earth. I have loved reading since kindergarten and read a variety of books in both English and German. My parents deemed all reading equal whether it was the encyclopedia or a romance novel. The important thing was that we were reading and expanding our world whether real or imaginary. We started reading to our son (who attends Fultonvale school) when he was in the womb and we still read together. We let our son choose what he wants to read - sometimes it's a Garfield comic and sometimes it's a book about bugs and sometimes it's silly jokes - the only thing that matters is that he's reading and enjoying it. Hopefully, if he has children one day, he will influence them with his love of reading.


258th Alberta

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