Who helped you fall in love with reading and how?
Laura Petre
Laura Petre
Gordon B Attersley Gordon B Attersley
Oshawa, ON Oshawa, ON

The question, “Who helped you fall in love with reading?” gave me pause as I considered what I answer was true for me and surprisingly, I believe it was my oldest brother. As the second child born into my family, and younger than my older sibling by six years, I remember feeling as I imagine many younger siblings might-he was so much better abled at everything compared to me! Reading, however, was not something he enjoyed, nor excelled at, and I recall this being a bone of contention and worry in our household particularly around report card time. Why did a struggling reader who was my older brother help to give me a love of reading? At an early age I became intrigued to know why the brother who could do so much, had difficulty with this one task. I became very curious and motivated to read for this reason and upon entering school, and to my great happiness and pride, reading for me was easy and so rewarding! And while he avoided reading as much as he could, I lost myself in novel after novel-and still do to this day! The best part though, is that as my brother continued through school, a switch flipped for him at the end of his high school years and he found a book, at last, that captured his interest and imagination. I remember coming home one day and he was sitting in our living room lost in a thick novel. I had not yet read, nor heard of, “The Lord of the Rings”, but if a novel had finally been good enough for my brother to stop everything else to read, you better believe it was the next one in my list!


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