Who helped you fall in love with reading and how?
Judith Nappa
Judith Nappa
St. Teresa of Calcutta St. Teresa of Calcutta
Windsor, ON Windsor, ON

I would have to attribute my love of reading to my grade school librarian, Mrs. Leach. When I opened my first reader, Fun with Dick and Jane, I knew I would like to read. Burt when I reached Grade 4 Library class, Mrs. Leach introduced me to a whole new world of reading - books! Adventure, mystery, classics and non-fiction - what an incredible amount to choose from! She also introduced us to reading in front of others. The first book I remember reading out loud was A Wrinkle In Time. A great book for both boys and girls and after first-time jitters of being in front of ones peers, it was a breeze. We could hardly wait to get back and into the adventure. Since then, I'm sure I've read Wrinkle at least ten times and it and others by Madeleine L'Engle sit on my shelves to this day. I consider myself a "bookaholic" - I love books! I have shelves of favourites that I do read again. I'm sure that the number of books I've read is in the thousands and I hope to read as many as that again. In this age of ebooks, I still find myself reaching for a physical copy as there is something about holding a book in ones hands - turning the pages that introduce the characters and plot, sometimes skipping forward to see if what you think will happen does and watching the pages skim by, being able to see how far you've read and knowing that the end is near. So I say thank you, Mrs. Leach, for being the person who inspired me to dive into the world of books and reading - it's been a great adventure, one that I hope continues for a long time.

Judith Nappa


788th Ontario

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