Which children’s book had the biggest impact on your life and why?
Michael Johnson
Michael Johnson
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Lazo (Comox), BC Lazo (Comox), BC

A long, long time ago, there were a series of books called "Choose your adventure". As a child these were the height of entertainment. Not only did the tell fantastic stories about alien abductions, exploring jungles, and even transforming into a monster, they also made me the main character. I can't explain the feeling of reading by flashlight late at night under the covers and making a decision that may lead my character to being eaten by an abominable snowman. Then once I decided, once I had locked in my answer and steeled my nerve I would go to the corresponding page and find out my fate. I was always fascinated by how much planning went into each story, how the author had a clear vision of beginning and end and how you got to decide what happened in between. Eventually I got older and realized that with a pen and paper I could draw a crude map of the branching story and this increased my success rate a hundred fold. I moved on to more complicated versions, some involving dice to decide the outcome of a battle or baseball game. The dice grew to full fledged board games with rule books and with the advent of technology, role playing video games. To this day I still play board games and card games with rules and characters, with assumed roles and adventures. Sometimes when I'm really lucky I play with my wife and daughters and we share adventures together. Those are the adventures I would choose every time.


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