Why is reading important to you?
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From the time I can remember, I have been reading books. Some of my favorite memories of my childhood is being in bed for the night and just not feeling tired. As a result I would read. However my parents were very strict and lights were not allowed at bed time...so I got an extra blanket, tucked it in real tight and used my flashlight to read under my covers. The extra blanket hid the beam of light under my door. I read Comic books, short stories, Highlights magazine, anything I could get my hands on. I've continued to read throughout my teen and adult years.

I loved reading to my children and doing "voices" and accents as I read. My favorite story to read them was Grover's Everything in the Whole Wide World Museum. I love the giggling and attempts at Grover's voice. We would always read at bedtime, and I would often read several stories each night. Today my children remember many of those stories and remember dad falling asleep, inserting words that weren't there, and dropping books on their heads!
Everyone in our family are readers! And I can't wait to be a grandpa so I can dust off my Grover's voice and drop a few books too!


33rd Nova Scotia

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