Why are you supporting this school?
Kate Keenan
Kate Keenan
Lord Lansdowne P.S. Lord Lansdowne P.S.
Toronto, ON Toronto, ON

I'm supporting this school because my daughter, who is in grade one, can suddenly read. I don't even really understand how it happened. Last year she was labouring through simple sight words and now, before my eyes, she is tripping through books, and getting excited by the stories inside. It's one of those breathtaking milestones of childhood - like smiling, walking and talking. I can see that now, as she reads, the words on the page are melting away and the world of the book is starting to open up around her.

I just now got back from the school's curriculum night where I discovered that, since our school library has so few english books (we share with a French Immersion school), my daughter's teacher maxes out his 50 book limit at his public library every week and hauls all the books into the classroom for our kids to read.

So now I know how it is that my daughter can suddenly read - because of teachers like him.

And that's why I'm supporting our school. Because even though it's amazing that he's doing it, he shouldn't have to turn to the public library on his own initiative to support our kids in their reading.


737th Ontario

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