Who helped you fall in love with reading and how?
L. Kutzie
L. Kutzie
Walter Whyte School Walter Whyte School
Grand Marais, MB Grand Marais, MB

Most of us have someone who come's to mind when we think of reading. I think of a teacher that believed in my daughter and recommended the right story that catapulted Nina's skills and interests in reading.

It was grade seven and Nina was a diligent student with perfect attendance. She preferred to spend her time in the gym and struggled with reading. Nina's home room teacher recommended reading The Hunger Games during a teacher's conference. Within the week, I purchased the book set and started to read the first in the series, to ensure the content would be suitable for my 11 year old. Within a month, Nina, myself and my husband had all read all three books and couldn't put them down

Nina continued on and read all the books in the Harry Potter series and it continued from there and loves to escape in fiction when she's doesn't have her nose in a university text book. Thank you Ms. D!


56th Manitoba

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