Why are you supporting this school?
Isabel Seeley
Isabel Seeley
Airport Elementary Airport Elementary
Lazo (Comox), BC Lazo (Comox), BC

I am supporting this school because...well...I work here :)

This darling little school needs new books in the library.
Last year with the help of our Teacher Librarian and a few caring people in the community we were able to purchase some furniture to create a Commons area in the center of the library. The students were so excited and happy to have a place to feel comfortable and be able to read either to themselves or to a friend. One day, I was walking past the library and stuck my head in to see how the Kindergarten class was enjoying the new space. I watched as the students all found a comfy space to sit while their teacher patently waited for everyone to settle in to read a story to them. Watching the excited students settle in for story time made my heart melt, my eyes got watery thinking about how important this moment was to these little people and how important it is to encourage children to learn to read. My hope is that by creating the reading commons area in our school library children will develop a love of reading.
Thank you to Indigo/Chapters for this incredible opportunity to buy books for our library.


156th British Columbia

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