Which children’s book had the biggest impact on your life and why?
Tara Power
Tara Power
Northrop Frye school Northrop Frye school
Moncton, NB Moncton, NB

Every summer, my family and I would hop in the car and take a long road trip to visit my grandmother at her cottage. There was a lot to look forward to on these annual vacations - beach time, campfires with gooey marshmallows and late nights spent giggling with my cousins. My 3 brothers and I also always looked forward to story time, cuddling up on the old cottage sofa, reading books from our mother's childhood. Our favorite was a very well worn, well loved copy of Dr. Seuss' "I Wish that I Had Duck Feet". The main character's wish for duck feet, a long tail, a whale spout and all other sorts of animal features left us laughing each time. In the end, the young boy decides all these special things aren't really important. "AND SO... I think there are some things I do not wish to be. And that is why I think that I just wish to be like ME."I always remembered the message of this story. I stumbled across this book at Chapters one day, and feeling very nostalgic, bought it to share my love for it with my own 2 children. We now share a love of reading this book together, cuddled up on our sofa, laughing together and making memories.


7th New Brunswick

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