Why is reading important to you?
Erin Danforth
Erin Danforth
Mother Earth's Children's Charter School Mother Earth's Children's Charter School
Warburg, AB Warburg, AB

We asked our grade 3/4 students to tell us why reading was important to them. Here is what they said:
-Because it helps you make pictures in your mind.
-Because it is good for you.
-I think reading is important because it helps you to learn new things.
-Reading is important because it tells you about things that you can't know without reading about them.
-I think reading is important because my teacher thinks it's important.

They have obviously been listening to us! This group in particular was part of the group we took to Indigo at Kingsway Mall to conduct a "read in". They brought books from their classroom library and read them in the middle of the mall. They were so content to just sit and read, despite the fact that they were seated just outside of a store selling video games! It is very gratifying to know that, for this group of young people, reading is important. They are definitely "walking their talk".


226th Alberta

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