Who helped you fall in love with reading and how?
Jason Gordon (Principal) and Melissa Fleury (Library Technician)
Jason Gordon (Principal) and Melissa Fleury (Library Technician)
Dr. Brass Elementary Dr. Brass Elementary
Yorkton, SK Yorkton, SK

Growing up I went to a very busy and full elementary school. My favourite time was library time. Even after all these years I still remember how my librarian looked, smelled and even her name....Mrs. Dobson. I remember her taking the time to connect with each student. She absolutely loved discussing books with us. Her eyes would light up with each story and it seemed she really read every single book in that library; even though now I know that isn't possible. She seemed magic to me. Mrs. Dobson instilled a love for books in me. She shared with us that we can make connections with other people and the world around us through books. As a Librarian Technician now I can fully appreciate the time she spend with all of us. Here's to all the "Mrs. Dobsons" in the world!!


46th Saskatchewan

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