Why is reading important to you?
Glenys Ellis
Glenys Ellis
Whitefish Valley Whitefish Valley
Kakabeka Falls, ON Kakabeka Falls, ON

To listen to a child tell me about the book that they just finished reading is pure happiness. The excitement in their eyes as they recount Hermione, Harry, and Ron’s adventures, the pride in their smile when they read aloud from Robert Munsch, or the thoughtfulness of their words as they describe a Susin Nielsen novel, is contagious. I’m lucky, I get to appreciate that enthusiasm daily (I work at a school library). Students share with me facts about sharks, space, birds, pyramids, dinosaurs, and Terry Fox; they show me how to fold paper into the shape of an elephant, how to do simply sign language, and how to make colourful masks—all of this they learn from books. Reading is important to me because I get to see the excitement and continuous quest for knowledge that it generates in readers. It also creates an awesome community of SHARING—stories, ideas, and book suggestions—to classmates, friends, family, and teachers.

Every single day I get to see the importance of reading.


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