Why are you supporting this school?
Jessica Jickels
Jessica Jickels
Clarksdale Clarksdale
Burlington, ON Burlington, ON

I chose to support Clarksdale, because I am teaching here for the first year! As a grade 6 French Immersion teacher, I encourage reading in French for all of my students, every evening. However, families have limited resources when it comes to texts in French. Our school library is the only source of French literature for many of our students and their families. With every story, students are able to grow their vocabulary, see verb conjugations in action, and get lost in whatever story they've chosen. Many of my students really do enjoy reading.

When my students heard about the Tell a Story, Give a Story program, they were so enthusiastic! They all brainstormed ideas for stories about reading. During our Meet the Teacher Night, we had a "Story Submission Station" for families without regular Internet access at home. Seeing their excitement, I decided I too would need to submit a story, in hopes of earning an extra book for our library.


713th Ontario

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