Why is reading important to you?
Elaine Jones
Elaine Jones
Bishop David Motiuk Bishop David Motiuk
Edmonton, AB Edmonton, AB

I am the Early Learning Facilitator in the 100 Voices program at Bishop David Motiuk school and I love reading to the pre-k children. It is exciting to watch them connect with a book and to want to hear it over and over again. Books never lose their magic or appeal. I enjoy sitting on the carpet reading with children all around me and in my lap. During these read aloud times the kids are present and engaged in the moment. As the year goes on it is exciting to watch them begin to recognize letters and sounds. Some of them also have fun with rhyming and Green Eggs and Ham is one of my favorites to share. I read in bed every night and I love looking for books on the Edmonton Public Library website, then putting them on hold. Books bring other worlds to life and help us to create, laugh, connect and inspire others. Reading will always be important to me and school libraries spark children's imaginations and peek their curiosity. We can always use more books.


216th Alberta

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