Why is reading important to you?
Azrah Zakiyyah
Azrah Zakiyyah
Balmoral Senior Public Balmoral Senior Public
Brampton, ON Brampton, ON

Growing up, it was easy to be overwhelmed by the many ups and downs my family has witnessed. From a very early age, I remember that getting lost in a book meant separating myself from the reality; thus began my love story with fiction novels. I went through a Harry Potter phase, then horror, then YA literature and so on and so forth. The one thing that never changed, no matter the genre I found myself attracted to, is my uncanny ability to lose myself in a book and tune out the world. Escaping, albeit for a little while, is often needed. Reading has and will always be my way to disconnect and reconnect with the child in me and to travel to the different eras and places!


674th Ontario

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