Which children’s book had the biggest impact on your life and why?
Raia Saleh
Raia Saleh
Balmoral Senior Public Balmoral Senior Public
Brampton, ON Brampton, ON

As a kid, the magic treehouse series really impacted my life as ever since I was young I was really good at reading, however, I really had no interest in reading at all. I always thought reading was boring and a lame way of spending time. But one day my grade one teacher told us she was gonna read us something called "The magic treehouse". And honestly, at first, it just sounded like any other book a teacher would read to me so I wasn't interested. But once my teacher started to read everything changed drastically! I fell in love with the story. So much that I couldn't even wait for my teacher to read us the next chapter! I went to the library and took out the book myself. in the end, by the time my teacher would have finished a chapter, I would have been done a book! And even though I was still young I had no problem at all with reading the chapter books! All of a sudden I started to love reading so much! the other kids would always wanna go outside and play but I would always just wanna read. I started reading novels from grade one! It's still shocking to me how much my attitude towards reading changed. There's a book out there for everyone. You just need to find it! and once you do, you'll find more, and more. Reading is a lot more than reciting a few words either out loud or in your head. Reading is a portal that takes your heart to amazing new places and on new adventures! Reading is like jumping into a new world! And it's all up to you what type of place and adventure you wanna go on! There is no person who isn't made or cut out for reading! Maybe they just haven't found a book thats right for them. And for me, that book was "The magic treehouse #1 Dinosaurs before dark".


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