Who helped you fall in love with reading and how?
Carol Rieger Froese
Carol Rieger Froese
OM Irwin OM Irwin
Swift Current, SK Swift Current, SK

One of my earliest childhood memories is of my mom reading to me. She would gather all 6 of us kiddos into the living room. The living room was a very special place to be because it was only used for company or celebrations. We would park ourselves on the couch and sit with eager anticipation of the book Mom would choose to read this time. The books were borrowed from the mobile library which was a trailer full of books that travelled from neighborhood to neighborhood. It was a very exciting day whenever it came to our neighborhood. We would all line up visiting with the other neighbors waiting for our turn to enter. Once inside we would search out all the books, carefully choosing the one we would take home for Mom to read. Well, today in the living room, was my lucky day - Mom chose "The Ugly Duckling". This was my book - the one I had borrowed from the library. Mom read it with great expression and feeling until she noticed that I was crying. She asked me what was wrong and I replied that I felt so badly about the little duck and I just wanted those other ducks to quit being so mean to it. It wasn't the little duck's fault that it was ugly. My mom just smiled and told me to wait until the end of the book. She was right - it turned out perfect! Those memories of my Mom reading to me left a deep impact upon me. It wasn't long until I was reading for myself, to my mom and to my siblings. And before I knew it I was reading out loud to my own children - starting even before they were born. I'm so glad my Mom took time out of her busy day and set the stage for making reading such a wonderful time for us six children - all of whom love reading to this day! Thanks Mom!


12th Saskatchewan

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